Grand Prairie Drill Meet

This past Saturday our teams woke up bright and early for the annual Grand Prairie Drill Meet. We took our Unarmed Drill, Male Color Guard, Male and Female PT teams to compete. Our teams all did amazing performances in their respective areas. Our Unarmed Drill team came home with 3rd Place for Regulation and 1st Place for Exhibition! When you see the team members be sure to congratulate them on their hard work and dedication.

Mansfield Drill Meet 2019

This Saturday, October 12th, our cadets woke up bright and early to attend the annual Mansfield’s Drill Meet. We took out our Academic, Physical Training (PT), and Unarmed Drill Team to part-take in the competition. After the weeks of practice and dedication, our Unarmed team earned 3rd place for both the Regulation and Inspection as well as 2nd place overall! Also, our PT team earned the 1st place trophy for Male Pull-Ups as well as the 2nd place overall! We are all very proud of each and every cadet that went out to preform, and can’t wait to see y’all at the next drill meet. And don’t forget: “DON’T SPEED IT UP”!!

Purpose and Passion: The Pursuit to be a Surgeon

“Cadet First Lieutenant Christian Vaquera is a junior at R.L. Paschal High School in Fort Worth, Texas. … For 2 weeks in the summer of July 2019, Cadet Vaquera attended John Hopkins University as a participant in Program Envision which is a medical leadership summer training module that exposes high school students to the daily rigors of a medical student/ intern.”

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JROTC Fan-Pledge Fundraisers (Date TBD)


The JROTC fundraiser will be conducted in the new cafeteria. Every cadet in the battalion must be in attendance to make this fundraiser a huge success. The JROTC Department/Instructors are asking that each cadet have at least 20 contacts loaded under their name by Monday. Parents please assist your cadet with obtaining potential contacts (friends/co-workers/family members/church members/neighbors) that are willing to donate at least $25 to support this worthy fundraiser. Each cadet received a thorough briefing about how to load contacts under their profile. I have also included the incentive scale that was briefed that outlines what a cadet will receive if they participate if they reach certain goals. Please feel free to email Sergeant Major Smith at if you have any questions about anything. On the day of the fundraiser each cadet will stay after school to prepare for the fundraiser which will last only 45 minutes. Lastly, you may also assist in our efforts by assisting your cadet with their call list or being a person who will punch in the data during the fundraiser. We look forward to seeing some of the parents there to assist.


2019-20 Home Football Games

9-6-2019- Haltom High School (Location-Farrington Field- 7 PM) (Color Guard Required)

9-12-2019- North Mesquite High School (Location-Farrington Field-7 PM) (Color Guard Required)

9-27-2019- Sam Houston High School (Location- Farrington Field- 7 PM) (Color Guard Required)

10-10-2019- Trimble Tech High School (Location-Farrington Field- 7 PM-HOMECOMING GAME) (Color Guard Required)

10-18-2019- Lamar High School (Location-Farrington Field- 7 PM) (Color Guard Required)

11-8-2019- Martin High School (Location-Handley Field- 7 PM) (Color Guard Required)