Upcoming Events

January 21-23rd: San Antonio Drill Competition

January 31st: JPA Evaluation

February 3rd: Raider Challenge (Azle, Texas)

February 8th or 22nd: Highway Clean-Up

March 9-13th: Spring Break Vacation

March 21st- Showdown in Cowtown Drill Meet

March 21st- US Army National Drill Competition (Richmond, Virginia)

March 28th- JCC Fitness Competition

April 4th- Military Ball (TCU ROTC Ballroom)

April 9th- Company “Best Marching Competition”

April 15th- Battalion Awards Ceremony

April 24th- Pass & Review (Farrington Field)

May 16th- JROTC Organization Day

Holiday Potluck!

This past Friday we held our annual Holiday Potluck for the Battalion! We had an amazing time throughout the evening. We would like to thank all the cadets who participated in our White Elephant gift exchange as well as all the parents who came out to support. Happy Holidays!!

Grand Prairie Drill Meet

This past Saturday our teams woke up bright and early for the annual Grand Prairie Drill Meet. We took our Unarmed Drill, Male Color Guard, Male and Female PT teams to compete. Our teams all did amazing performances in their respective areas. Our Unarmed Drill team came home with 3rd Place for Regulation and 1st Place for Exhibition! When you see the team members be sure to congratulate them on their hard work and dedication.

Mansfield Drill Meet 2019

This Saturday, October 12th, our cadets woke up bright and early to attend the annual Mansfield’s Drill Meet. We took out our Academic, Physical Training (PT), and Unarmed Drill Team to part-take in the competition. After the weeks of practice and dedication, our Unarmed team earned 3rd place for both the Regulation and Inspection as well as 2nd place overall! Also, our PT team earned the 1st place trophy for Male Pull-Ups as well as the 2nd place overall! We are all very proud of each and every cadet that went out to preform, and can’t wait to see y’all at the next drill meet. And don’t forget: “DON’T SPEED IT UP”!!