JROTC Fan-Pledge Fundraisers (Date TBD)


The JROTC fundraiser will be conducted in the new cafeteria. Every cadet in the battalion must be in attendance to make this fundraiser a huge success. The JROTC Department/Instructors are asking that each cadet have at least 20 contacts loaded under their name by Monday. Parents please assist your cadet with obtaining potential contacts (friends/co-workers/family members/church members/neighbors) that are willing to donate at least $25 to support this worthy fundraiser. Each cadet received a thorough briefing about how to load contacts under their profile. I have also included the incentive scale that was briefed that outlines what a cadet will receive if they participate if they reach certain goals. Please feel free to email Sergeant Major Smith at eric.smith@fwisd.org if you have any questions about anything. On the day of the fundraiser each cadet will stay after school to prepare for the fundraiser which will last only 45 minutes. Lastly, you may also assist in our efforts by assisting your cadet with their call list or being a person who will punch in the data during the fundraiser. We look forward to seeing some of the parents there to assist.


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